At RenewedIT, we take pride in our rigorous re-NEWing process that ensures each product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Here’s a detailed look at our process:

Comprehensive Auditing

When each product arrives at our warehouse, it undergoes an extensive and thorough auditing process. We run a variety of checks and tests to uncover any functional or cosmetic issues, ensuring that every product we sell meets our strict standards.

Quality Checks and Replacements

If any computer has a defective part or component, we replace it with a brand new one. This includes key components such as RAM, hard drives, batteries, chargers, and keyboards. Even though the computers have been previously used, these vital components are often brand new, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Unmatched Battery Standards

We set a higher standard for laptop batteries than anyone else in the industry. Each battery is tested individually to ensure it holds a solid charge. If a battery doesn’t meet our standards, it gets replaced with a brand new one. This commitment to quality guarantees that our laptops provide reliable power and performance.

Reliable and Like-New Products

In the end, our renewed products are just as reliable as brand new ones. With our meticulous re-NEWing process, you can trust that a product from RenewedIT will deliver exceptional quality and performance.

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