What IS an OPEN-BOX computer?

A computer that looks and functions like its brand new, but can be bought for a lot less than new.

Has it ever been used?

Either never or used incredibly lightly and then returned. There will be no signs of usage whatsoever.

How much can I save?

For lower cost products such as Dell Latitudes, Dell OptiPlex’s and Lenovo X1 Carbons our prices are typically hundreds of dollars less than the price of new. For more expensive products such as Dell Precisions and Lenovo Workstations, we’re usually thousands of dollars less than new.

What’s the difference between buying Open-Box vs. Brand New?

The only difference is who provides the Warranty. If you buy Open-Box, the Warranty is provided by us rather than the manufacturer. Our Warranty is actually better than the Manufacturer Warranty. It’s provides the same length and coverage, but ours is easier to use with faster turnaround times

How long is my Warranty with RenewedIT?

One Year

Can the Manufacturer Warranty be added back afterwards if I pay for it?

Most of the time, it cannot be.

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